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    Bangle is on!

    This large bracelet is called a bangle because it fits nicely around the wrist like a blouse cuff. But the cuff bracelet is a piece of jewellery that enhances a minimalist look with no effort. The designer cuff bracelets have the characteristic of being able to enhance all looks, whether they are chic bohemian or more sophisticated. Elegantly and easily, one wears a cuff on the sleeve of a pretty knit sweater or one wears it in accumulation by combining it with a large number of thin bracelets.

    Whether smooth, hammered, chiselled or set with pretty coloured cabochon stones, the cuff is a timeless piece of jewellery and has become the "must-have" of designer jewellery.

    With the Nilaï collections, bet on authenticity and choose an original and singular designer cuff. Often set with semi-precious stones in the shape of a cabochon, the cuffs of the collection bring brightness, colours and character to your outfits. Easy to combine with other jewellery from the Nilaï collection, or worn alone for a touch of light on your wrist, our designer cuff bracelets are one of those jewels that follow us everywhere with a large cocooning sweater, an oversized man's shirt or a flimsy summer dress. Summer and winter, they will always be with you!

    Inspired by her travels to the end of the world or by the shores of the Bosporus where the designer Nilaï was raised, all these creations are first and foremost the fruit of the rigour and shared passion of an entire work team in our Parisian workshop in Saint-Germain-des-Prés.

    We have combined our know-how and creativity to give our creations the delicacy, lightness and uniqueness you are seeking in your jewellery.

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