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    Stacking, Stacking! The new trend is to wear a series of designer bracelets on your wrist and, above all, to mix them up. Simply combine them to create and enhance your look!

    If you want to wear several designer bracelets, you can choose designer link bracelets, rigid bangle bracelets, thin and flexible chain bracelets, textile bracelets, drawstring bracelets, thread bracelets, bracelets with charms, pearls or semi-precious coloured stones...

    Discover the collection of Nilaï Paris charm link bracelets. These little charms or coloured stones that are tied around a drawstring have become essential.

    With Creator Links bracelets you can do anything and wear up to seven or eight. These are your charms! You accumulate them and wear them like a lucky charm until the link or drawstring is broken and your wish comes true. Make a wish!

    Iconic message and symbol, timeless messages, don't be afraid to mix your colourful links and your lucky charms: star, love, luck, heart, cross, skull, shark teeth, horn, compass rose, dreamcatcher... Combine your link bracelets between Miyuki pearls and semi-precious stones, labradorite, cornelian, turquoise, amazonite... all mounted on a link - adjustable drawstring easy to fit around the wrist thanks to its sliding knots.

    Create your Arm Party!

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