Designer ring with labradorite

Designer ring with labradorite

The trend is for fine and golden jewelry. We love more and more refined rings that dress all the fingers of the hand. Accumulate designer rings with labradorite without any moderation. These authentic pieces exist in different versions at Nilaï Paris. They are raised with a perfectly cut natural stone. You can even layer them on top of each other for added style. Play with finesse by wearing the designer ring with labradorite.

Finesse, the new accessible fashion at Nilaï Paris

The ring is one of the essential accessories of the modern woman. From the minimalist ring to the solitaire, fine jewelry forms a beautiful assortment on your hands. Thanks to Nilaï Paris, you no longer have to look for authentic and quality pieces to fill your jewelry box. Do not hesitate to mix styles to give pep to your looks. The French brand has put together a whole collection of fine and trendy jewellery. The designer ring with labradorite composes this charming collection. Displaying a refined look, this authentic piece will undoubtedly satisfy your quest for the perfect ring.

The Athena ring is a designer ring with labradorite. Fine and lovely, it is embellished with a charming taupe or gray labradorite. It is distinguished by its rounded design and perfectly smooth finish. You can wear it on all occasions. The labradorite that enhances this pretty jewel was cut from a rough stone. It has been meticulously crafted by skilled craftsmen. You will undoubtedly appreciate the smooth finish of this natural stone which harmonizes with the design of the ring.

Other jewels can be associated with the Athena ring. This is for example the case of the Calypso ring. Admittedly, it may not be a fine ring, but it will bring a touch of elegance and a note of sensuality to your outfits. Fall for its neat design and its beautiful labradorite.

Look no further to find your designer ring with labradorite!

Nilaï Paris is a specialist in fine and elegant jewelry. The designer has composed a rich jewelry collection consisting of hammered, embossed, twisted or smooth design rings. She plays with natural stones to enhance her jewelry. If you want to compose an eclectic set, don't hesitate to combine several of the brand's rings. Especially since Nilaï Paris offers particularly attractive rates that suit all budgets.

To buy a designer ring with labradorite at a low price, go to the points of sale approved by the brand. The latter number 600 and are scattered across 15 countries. You will find all the pieces that make up the Nilaï collection there. Alternatively, you have the option of placing your order online. Rest assured, the transaction is safe and fast and your order will be delivered to you in just two or three days. As soon as your purchase exceeds 80 euros, delivery is free.