Our history

Nilaï Paris designs unique,  and stylish . With a rock spirit and 
a bohemian chic touch, our collection  made with silver, rose gold or 24k gold finished.

Inspired by the elegant Parisian style, her worldwide travels and her childhood 
 Bosphorus, Nilaï (which means “The Moon over the Nil” in Turkish) loves 
 chains, pearls and stones with sensitivity and poetry to create alchemy.

Whenever you like, mix and match our pearl bracelets, our 
 natural gems, our golden smooth or rough bangles and our luxurious chains. 
You will love them and wear them all day long as a talisman, a lucky charm.

Distributed worldwide in 15 countries and available in over 600 points of sales 
(inc. stores and airlines), Nilaï Paris is dedicated to all women around the world.

Furthermore, each piece is handmade in our workshop in Paris, 
that’s why our collection is truly unique.


« My ideas come from a pattern, a pearl, a word.
I'm inspired by daily life, travel and meetings. It's as if I brought a 
 elsewhere and magic with me to give them to you
. »

It all started 10 years ago when Nilaï made her first jewel for her daughter.
The following were for her daughter's friends and then quickly for her own friends.
Surprised by her success, she launched her eponymous brand of designer .

Today the team has grown and works together to offer you some
original collections. Nilaï's desire was to make his brand a collective adventure.
It's this philosophy that motivates each of our craftswomen and 
which is the fame of Nilaï Paris since all these 

Thank's for following us. With love, always.

❝ Nilaï, eponymous designer jewelry brand ❞

Nilaï Paris has been playing with grace and allure on current trends for more than 10 years. With rock and bohemian chic accents, the collections are worked with delicacy and refinement, gilded with fine 24K gold or silvered.
Definitely inspired by the Parisian style, her travels around the world and especially by the shores of the Bosphorus where she grew up, Nilaï (“The moon of the Nile” in Turkish) likes to mix chains, pearls and stones with sensitivity and poetry. in order to achieve alchemy.
It invites you to layer beaded bracelets, necklaces adorned with stones, smooth or hammered rushes, cuffs or necklaces. We appropriate the jewel, we wear it every day like a second skin, a talisman, a lucky charm.
Present in 15 countries and in more than 600 points of sale including prestigious department stores and airlines, the brand seduces all around the planet. Our creations are handmade in the Parisian workshop of St-Germain-des-Prés, so each piece has something unique.

Meeting with Nilaï, the designer: