Designer necklace with lapis lazuli

Designer necklace with lapis lazuli

Jewelry reflects the personality of men and women. This is for example the case of the necklace which has long been the symbol of belonging to a tribe or a group of people. Currently, this jewel has become a fashion accessory in its own right. With or without a pendant, it nicely completes all your outfits. Want to treat yourself to a pretty necklace to wear everyday or for special occasions? Fall for the designer necklace with lapis lazuli from Nilaï Paris.

The influence of the designer necklace with lapis lazuli on your style

Since the dawn of time, the necklace has been used to enhance an outfit. It can also influence the style of outfit to wear. To make sure you make the best choice, bet on the designer necklace with lapis lazuli. This accessory delicately highlights your neck while modernizing your look. Lapis lazuli is a natural stone used since antiquity and appreciated for its magnificent deep blue color. Sprinkled with small spots or streaks, this stone symbolized the eyes of the gods in ancient Egypt. It has healing and fortifying properties.

Accessorizing an outfit is an art. It is necessary to choose the right parts and harmonize them. To avoid overloading your look, the designer necklace with lapis lazuli is a safe bet. It's the finishing touch that will brighten up all your outfits. To give you an idea of ​​the beauty of Nilaï Paris' creations, let yourself be seduced by the Athéna necklace. Adorned with a lovely lapis lazuli, this modern jewel has an adjustable chain thanks to its 2 rings. It goes perfectly with the other necklaces of the Crystal line.

Alternatively, go for the Ava necklace. This model, gilded with fine 24-carat gold, is worn close to the neck. It is refined by a magnificent natural stone of a deep blue and with brilliant reflections. There's nothing like it to compose a modern and trendy look.

Where and how to buy your designer necklace with lapis lazuli?

Because the quality of the finishes is an important criterion in the choice of your jewelry, you will not be disappointed by buying the designer necklace with lapis lazuli at Nilaï Paris. And for good reason, each piece is authentic and worked entirely by hand. Natural stones are carefully cut from their raw state. The overflowing imagination of the designer has allowed her to develop a collection of modern, refined and original jewelry.

Perfecting a look has never been so easy thanks to Nilaï Paris jewelry. Discreet and easy to wear, the designer necklace with lapis lazuli is marketed at a particularly attractive price on the brand's website and at official points of sale. Order yours in just a few clicks. Thereafter, you have the choice between home delivery or collection in the Nilaï Store. Indulge yourself by taking advantage of promotional periods to make great savings.