Designer hoop with lapis lazuli

Designer hoop with lapis lazuli

Hoop earrings deserve their place in your jewelry box. We love their rebellious and trendy side. These jewel nuggets can be adorned with pearls, pendants or precious and natural stones. At Nilaï Paris, designer hoops with lapis lazuli, for example, are benchmarks in terms of trendy jewelry. Haven't found the hoop earrings that match your style yet? Bet on the models offered by the French brand.

Creoles dedicated to modern women at Nilaï Paris

At Nilaï Paris, the creoles are refined and elegant jewellery. They are lightweight and have a nice finish. We love them with fine chain necklaces like the many models offered by the brand. These modern accessories make all the difference since they can be worn in different ways. Be stylish in just seconds by wearing the designer hoop earrings with lapis lazuli.

Lapis lazuli is a natural stone already used by jewelers since antiquity. With a deep blue color, this stone apparently has several virtues, starting with strengthening the immune and endocrine systems. According to ancient beliefs, it also helps to remedy certain skin problems. Lapis lazuli is ideal for everyday use, as it helps maintain self-confidence and preserve emotional balance. If you have trouble remembering your dreams, wear jewelry set with this natural to restore your memories.

For women who want to assert their femininity, let yourself be seduced by the Gaïa mini-hoops. These delicate and sensual jewels go just as well with chic outfits as with more casual looks. They end with a small pendant set with a lapis lazuli. Gilded with fine 24 carat gold, these earrings add style to your outfits. Alternate the Gaïa mini-hoops with the Ava models. Perfect for polishing up a look, these little wonders display a sober style. There's nothing better than these earrings to show off your natural beauty.

A few good reasons to buy designer hoop earrings with lapis lazuli at Nilaï Paris

Nilaï Paris makes it a point of honor to provide you with carefully crafted jewelry with an impeccable finish. To do this, the designer draws inspiration from various cultures to create authentic jewelry. She collaborates with talented artisans to build her jewelry collection. Each piece has been worked by hand in the brand's workshop located in Paris. Even natural stones are cut from their raw form.

In addition to the exceptional quality of its jewelry, Nilaï Paris is also renowned for the quality of its services. Customers are warmly welcomed in the brand's boutiques and points of sale. They benefit from a detailed description of each jewel displayed on the Nilaï Paris website, allowing them to refine their choice. The prices offered are also advantageous. For online transactions, Nilaï Paris offers a free home delivery service for any purchase exceeding 100 euros.