Designer hoops with agate

Designer hoops with agate

Attracting attention has never been difficult thanks to the hoop earrings. Circular in shape, these earrings nicely complement your cheekbones and define your features. Often seen as “trash”, they have nevertheless stood the test of time brilliantly. Subtle and particularly stylish, they accompany you on a daily basis. Because you are looking for authentic and quality jewellery, browse the Nilaï Paris website and access offers of designer hoop earrings with agate.

Designer hoops with agate: star earrings

Beyonce, Khloe Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, etc., many stars have adopted hoops because of their remarkable character. At Nilaï Paris, the designers are innovators when it comes to creating hoop earrings. By exploiting the classic shape of the creole, they develop different styles through the accessories marketed on the site. Moreover, there is a wide variety of designer hoops with agate.

Why opt for designer hoops with agate? Agate is a natural stone with multiple virtues. It brings a certain balance between body and mind. Stabilizing the aura, it helps to manage physical energy and soothes anxieties. It also drives away the negative feelings that develop inside oneself. Different variations of agate are visible at Nilaï Paris, which leaves you spoiled for choice.

If you have a preference for refined jewellery, opt for drop hoops. Set with a magnificent black agate, these earrings allow you to feel at ease thanks to their remarkable finesse and lightness. Characterized by exemplary sobriety, they add a wise and chic touch to your outfit. Because you have confidence in yourself, affirm your personality by betting on the hoop earrings which are both simple and stylish.

Thicker hoops are also available on the Nilaï Paris website. This is for example the case of the Ava models on which hang two square-shaped agates. Add pep to your look by wearing them everyday. Most of the Parisian brand's hoop earrings have a 24K fine gold finish.

Benefits galore at Nilaï Paris

A lot of advantages await you at Nilaï Paris, starting with the attractive price-quality ratio. Jewelry gilded with fine 24K gold is recognized for its quality and durability. Water resistant, they give you the benefit of a one-year warranty. The brand offers you a pouch or a gift box depending on the size of your jewel. Ask for your order to be delivered to you quickly by activating fast home delivery from Nilaï Paris.

You can collect your order from the Nilaï Store and return your purchase within 15 days. Nilaï Paris is an international jewelry brand. You will find its 600 stores in 15 countries. For any need for additional information, a remote customer service is available to you. Contact us by email or phone for any comments or complaints.