Designer bangle with turquoise

Jonc de créateur avec turquoise

Designer bangle with turquoise

In the past, prestigious women wore bangles and cuffs to symbolize their status. Until today, these jewels still emphasize femininity. Nilaï Paris understood this and did not hesitate to exploit their value. Its collection is enriched with rushes as sumptuous as they are modern. There's something for every style. Fashion enthusiasts will no doubt appreciate this lovely collection.

Designer bangles with turquoise, jewelry that suits modern women

To stand out and be feminine every day, wear a designer bangle with turquoise. Delicately carved patterns adorn this trendy piece of jewelry. Coming from tropical countries and having developed in arid environments, the turquoise that sets this accessory has been carefully crafted. In addition to its natural beauty and refreshing color, this stone is also known for its many virtues. Be serene on a daily basis by wearing a designer bangle with turquoise.

Nilaï Paris opened its workshop in the French capital in order to embellish this natural stone to adorn its jewelry. Its craftsmen are particularly gifted in refining the stones and perfecting the finish of the materials. In fine 24K gold or silver, the brand's designer bangles have a chic look. They bring their share of elegance to all outfits.

Fall under the spell of the Thaïs bangle. This sophisticated jewel sublimates any outfit. Gilded with fine 24K gold, it is adjustable. It is set with one, two or three turquoises according to your preferences. For example, you can associate it with the Athena bangle which can be decorated with frescoes or dotted lines of your choice. Set with two turquoises, this elegant jewel adds a majestic aura to your look.

Combine this little duo with a necklace or earrings from Nilaï Paris to obtain a perfect set. The models are gilded with fine 24K gold or crafted in silver according to your preferences and skin tone. They are particularly resistant to water, which contributes to their durability.

Customers are kings at Nilaï Paris

Nilaï Paris cares about your satisfaction. This is why his team is mobilizing to deliver your new designer ring with turquoise to your home. You will receive your purchases in a pouch or gift box to protect them from any possible deterioration on the way. The recovery of in-store purchases is also possible since Nilaï Paris has nearly 600 stores in 15 different countries.

To support you in your choice, technical data sheets are attached to all the products available on the site. Note that the brand has provided a return period of 15 days if you want to change jewelry. A guarantee is also offered to you with the purchase of your designer bangle with turquoise. Access maintenance tips for your new jewel on the Nilaï Paris page. If you need any advice to choose your jewel, customer advisers are at your disposal. They can be contacted by email or telephone.