Gemstone rings

Les bagues à pierres fines

Gemstone rings

Rings adorned with gemstones are on the rise today. Available in various colors, the stones sublimate the ring while nicely dressing the fingers. To choose the color of the stone or stones that will sublimate your ring, learn more about their symbolism.

The fine white stone: symbol of purity

The white stone mounted on a ring is synonymous with softness and purity. It is also associated with elegance and romanticism. Among the most popular white stones, we can mention among others opal and labradorite with iridescent reflections.

The fine green stone: associated with happiness

Jade, aventurine and all green gemstones are generally associated with happiness and luck. Refreshing to perfection, this color also refers to nature and renewal.

The fine yellow stone: symbol of positive waves

Mounted on a ring, the fine yellow stone conveys the joy of living and good humor. These stones are, for example, citrine and amber. The fine stones of this shade combine wonderfully with the golden rings.

The fine red stone: associated with love and passion

This particularly bold color is found on stones like carnelian and garnet. Lively or matte, this color gives your fingers shine. On a ring, it can above all be associated with passion and love.

The fine pink stone: symbol of softness and femininity

Very feminine, pink is a sign of romance and lightness. The quartz displays a pretty pink color. Certain gemstones in particular display a more accentuated shade of pink. This is the case of tourmaline.

There are also brown, orange and purple colored gemstones. At the height of elegance, fine black stones such as onyx are also popular.