The different types of bracelets

Les différents types de bracelets

The different types of bracelets

Thin or thick, discreet or voluminous and extravagant, monochrome or multicolored, alone or in groups, the bracelets adorn the wrists nicely. If they are well chosen, they can also bring a real cachet to your outfits. Moreover, with regard to the models of bracelets, women and men are spoiled for choice.

The bangle: a timeless classic

If there is a bracelet whose sober and elegant lines are unanimous, it is the bangle. Long limited to a rounded ring, the bangle now comes in a multitude of shapes: square, oval or rectangular.

The open models are relatively flexible and spread easily. The closed models are equipped with generally hinged clasps so that they are easier to put on. Sleek or adorned with graphic patterns, the silver or gold bangle can be worn alone or with other bracelets, for all occasions.

The cuff: a striking accessory

Generally thick, the cuff is a bracelet model that hardly goes unnoticed. As indicated in its name, its appearance is directly inspired by the shirt cuff. Flat, it is in most cases open and can be equipped in some cases with a safety chain.

The headline must constitute the main element, within the framework of a stacking. For a nice look, make sure that the other bracelets you wear match perfectly with the cuff.

The thin chain: a real must have

If you had to have only one bracelet in your jewelry box, it would be the thin chain. Its links delicately adorn the wrist. Depending on your desires, the chain can be worn alone or combined with other bracelets of the same style.

Long worn as it is, the chain is now adorned with small charms in various shapes. It is also possible to alternate the links with beads of various colors. The infinity bracelet and the friendship bracelet which can be fitted with a breakable pendant are other customizable models, which are also on the rise.