Designer cuff with agate

Designer cuff with agate

An ancestral jewel, the cuff has occupied center stage for several decades. It brings out authenticity and femininity. Every woman should wear a cuff because of her beauty, but also her elegance. In a sober or ethnic style, the designer cuff with agate will bring character to your outfit. A wide range of cuff bracelets is also available at Nilaï Paris.

The designer cuff with agate, a jewel that is both ancestral and modern

Many royal figures have made the cuff their symbolic jewel, if only to quote Cleopatra who was an icon of beauty in her time. Over the past decades, this fashion has come back to the fore with even more authenticity and style. By exploiting the beauty of this fashion accessory, Nilaï Paris has designed authentic models set with precious and semi-precious natural stones.

If you are looking for an accessory to enhance your look with a majestic aura, bet without hesitation on the designer cuff with agate. Carefully refined in the Parisian workshop of Nilaï Paris, this jewel is a unique creation made by talented craftsmen. Its finishes have been meticulously carried out by fine hands, hence its authenticity. This accessory is ideal for enhancing your outfits, whatever your style.

The fine 24-carat gold cuffs like the Galuchat model are adorned with discreet but stylish patterns. They can be worn day or night depending on your needs. You can adjust them to your wrist, so as to fix them better and make them easy to wear. The Galuchat cuff is set with a black or green agate in the middle. It is the detail that makes all its charm.

Although the designer cuff with agate is enough on its own to enhance your wrist, do not hesitate to combine it with other jewels from the Nilaï Paris collection to harmonize your look and give pep to all your outfits.

The brand delivers your jewelry to you in a pouch or gift box, so as to better protect it from possible scratches along the way. If you hesitate to choose a cuff, technical data sheets are available on our site. Of course, our advisers are ready to direct you towards the models which resemble you and which adapt best to your clothing style.

Nilaï Paris plays the proximity card with its customers

Nilaï Paris makes your life easier thanks to the plurality of its services. For example, the brand gives you the benefit of an express delivery service after ordering your designer cuff with agate. Thanks to this service, you will no longer have to travel to pick up your new jewel. However, you can pick it up at the point of sale. To stay closer to its customers, Nilaï Paris has opened nearly 600 stores in 15 countries. There is no denying it: the quality of service is privileged for this French brand of authentic jewellery.