Designer bangle with amazonite

Jonc de créateur avec amazonite

Designer bangle with amazonite

If there's one piece of jewelry a woman should own, it's the bangle. And for good reason, this model of bracelet has stood the test of time brilliantly. Over the various trends that have followed, it has been able to please thanks to its sobriety and elegance. If you want to personalize your look and feel feminine every day, wear the designer bangle with amazonite from Nilaï Paris without hesitation. The brand offers you various ranges of trendy and authentic jewelry to make you happy.

The designer bangle with amazonite, a guarantee of style and elegance

Elegant jewelry always brings style to any outfit. This is the case of the designer bangle with amazonite which can be described as a timeless accessory. You can celebrate a particular event by offering this beautiful jewel as a gift to one of your loved ones. Far from displaying a continually wise style, the bangle can also turn out to be avant-garde and whimsical thanks to amazonite. This natural stone embellishes jewelry and gives it a note of cheerfulness thanks to its particular color.

In short, the bangle lends itself to all styles: urban, chic, casual, etc. Wear it on any occasion. At Nilaï Paris, the fine 24-carat gold models are even more appealing. Refined and pleasant to wear, they go perfectly with other jewelry. Their lightness allows you to wear them daily, without them hindering your movements. Designer bangles with amazonite are semi-open and adjustable.

Among the first creations of Nilaï Paris is the Athéna bangle. Available in several models, this jewel can be combined with other bracelets from the brand. The patterns change from one model to another. If some rods are embossed, others are studded and others dotted. The Athena bangle is set with two amazonites on both ends. It is worn day and night. This great classic from the Athena collection is adjustable as desired.

Nilaï Paris, the best choice in terms of quality, authenticity and services

Although mainly known for the originality of its jewelry, Nilaï Paris is also distinguished by its quality services. You benefit from a home delivery service when purchasing your jewellery. A safe payment method is offered to you. You also have the option of returning your jewel within 15 days of your purchase. To do this, simply contact customer service by phone or email. Receive your jewel in a pouch or gift box that will effectively protect it from shocks throughout the journey. For any complaint or to make sure you make the right choice, do not hesitate to go to the store. Nilaï Paris currently has 600 points of sale where you will be warmly received by qualified salespeople. Designer bangles with amazonite are available at an attractive price both in stores and online. In addition, you can ask our sales staff for advice on which jewelery to match with your new bangle.