Designer necklace with moonstone

Sautoir de créateur avec pierre de lune

Designer necklace with moonstone

The long necklace is an ultra-trendy jewel that has an unequaled elegance and style. Very appreciated by women, it is the kind of jewelry they wear to be at the forefront of fashion. This necklace highlights the silhouette and the chest of the wearer. It is specially designed to stand out in the crowd. It is available in several styles and lengths at Nilaï Paris. The Brand also designs various models adorned with natural stones, including moonstone.

The designer necklace with moonstone: a chic and glamorous jewel

If you like the bohemian-chic style, let yourself be tempted by the necklace collections at Nilaï Paris. This jewel is easily associated with all styles of clothing and it is worn as a centerpiece. Accompanied by a natural stone, it brings a touch of fantasy. It can be worn for all occasions: at work, at a party, on a date, on a walk... Thanks to its length, you can mix it with other styles of necklace.

Very popular in the world of jewelry, moonstone has a look of its own. It is recognized for its luminous reflection and its white cloudy texture which takes on a pale orange hue. It is mostly found in India. Its beauty and originality bring a certain tenderness and tolerance to the whole jewel. It is a model that you can wear every day without any problem.

At Nilaï Paris, you have necklace models in different colors and different chain aspects. We personalize your jewel so that it is adequate to who you are. You are spoiled for choice in terms of material, length and quality of the chains. Today, the trend is to mix all the jewels like the Indra long necklace with the Gloria necklace, the mini cameo key hoops and the dotted Athena bangle. With us, you create your own style.

The Brand's long necklaces are handcrafted and are gilded with gold. Most women wear them as a lucky charm. Also, there is nothing simpler than putting on this jewel every morning when you are about to leave your home. You save time. Whether you are a curvy or thin woman, the long necklace is made for everyone.

Nilaï Paris, a designer jewelry brand with quality service

Take advantage of the quality of the jewelry and services offered by the Nilaï Paris brand. The moonstone necklace is a very popular model at the moment. You can place your orders online, pick them up or have them delivered depending on the value of your purchase. We are available in ten countries and our prices remain attractive for everyone. We also advise you on the maintenance of your jewelry so that it can gain in life. You now have the right address to find quality products and enjoy authentic service.