Jonc ring: what is it?

Jonc ring: what is it?

The bangle ring is one of the great timeless classics of jewelry. Simple and yet refined, it allows women to multiply the rings without visually weighing down their fingers. Its minimalism and resolutely timeless character appeal to men.

How is the bangle ring presented?

The rush ring designates a simple ring having the same thickness over its entire diameter. The lines of the ring are extremely clean and this is what makes its charm. Indeed, if we like the bangle ring, it is because it is sober, refined and it lends itself to all our desires.

If this model of ring is so called, it is because it refers to the rush rings used as a wedding ring in the period of ancient Egypt. The bulrush is actually a reed, growing at the water's edge and with a stem that is both straight and flexible.

Its fibers, resistant, but flexible, were braided to make wedding rings whose rounded shape symbolizes union and eternal love. It was also at this time that the ring finger of the left hand became the finger of the hand wearing the wedding ring.

How did she manage to cross the ages?

The main asset of the bangle ring lies in its clean lines. And it is still today, the reason for its success. Nevertheless, the bangle ring has changed slightly to adapt to new trends and meet everyone's desires.

We therefore distinguish today the classic bangle ring, which is the original model. The ring of the demi-ring has a rounded appearance on the surface, but has a flat appearance on its inner part. The Parisian bangle ring takes up the classic model. However, it is thicker.

The comfort ribbon ring has the same characteristics as the half ring, but also has straight edges. Today, we also talk about bangle bracelet. This jewel also has the same thickness over its entire diameter.