How not to lose your earrings?

How not to lose your earrings?

No longer losing your earrings is an extremely simple challenge to take up. All you need to do is adopt a few good habits. Certain types of clasps are also preferred.

Properly store your earrings

To avoid losing your earrings, store them properly when you are not wearing them. The choice of storage rack depends entirely on the model of the earrings. Chips and ear studs, for example, can be stored in compartmentalized boxes or fixed on a homemade display made from corks. To store the chips and nails worn on a daily basis, it is also possible to put them on a thick ribbon with a hook.

The earrings will be placed in small dedicated fabric bags before being put in the jewelry box. The dormeuses and the more or less long pendant earrings are to be installed on a pretty display. For a DIY display, you can personalize an oven rack or a cheese grater with paint or tape before hanging it on a wall, for example.

Adopt some good habits

Adopting good habits will prevent you from stupidly losing an earring. It is therefore advisable to check that the clasp is in place when you have finished putting on the buckles. During the day, avoid touching them all the time, to keep them perfectly in place. This is especially the case with models with a hook. They slip on as easily as they get lost. In the morning, put on your earrings last. In the evening, remove your earrings before undressing. This will prevent the loops from catching on clothes and getting lost.

Choosing the right clasp

Some earring clasps are more effective than others. A clasp with the Alpa system is infallible. It comes in the form of a domed disc pierced with a hole and accommodating two press studs on both sides which tighten the hole when the buckles are perfectly in place. It holds earrings securely in place all day long. Models with a butterfly clasp hold the earring post well if it's snug enough.