Designer earrings with quartz

Designer earrings with quartz

For a woman, wearing earrings brings a glamorous and elegant touch to her outfit. This jewel, depending on the shape, highlights the features of his face. At Nilaï Paris, you have several models with a different design and finish. Highlighting the sober and chic style, you will be seduced by the natural stones with which they are made. Choosing a model from the brand means choosing quality and high standards.

Designer earrings with quartz, a jewel that is both modern and elegant

Designer earrings with quartz were designed for everyday wear. They come from exotic influences, which gives it a touch of modernity and elegance. This model is available in different forms, including mini hoops, hoops and mini charm pendants. You will easily find the one that suits your personality.

To create more style, you can combine them with other jewelry available in stores. However, these earrings have a charm that easily distinguishes them among so many others. The brand has bet on delicate and original creations to please you and make you want to wear them every day, for any occasion. The natural stones on this piece of jewelry reflect, among other things, Indian and Asian beauty.

Quartz is at the heart of the design of earrings at Nilaï Paris. It is a stone that brings a certain discretion to the jewel. Quartz is available in several colors, of which pink is the most coveted by women. It is synonymous with calm, tenderness and love. This natural stone has several virtues and accentuates the beauty of the earrings. This is what gives them an unparalleled originality.

At Nilaï Paris, you have 4 different models of earrings set with quartz. These are Delhi, Pampilles, Gaïa earrings and drop hoops. These models will make you all crack. They are all adorned with fine 24K gold. The varieties of quartz used are sapphire quartz and emerald quartz. Some models consist of 9 to 10 stones. Thanks to their water resistance, they can be worn every day without any worries.

The Brand provides you with the technical characteristics of each model to facilitate your choice. The good news is that they adapt to all clothing styles. Also, they come in a pouch or gift boxes to protect them from scratches along the way.

Nilaï Paris highlights quality products and services

The Nilaï Paris brand is recognized for the quality of its products and services. It takes into account the requirement of the customers at the level of the finish. All designer earrings with Quartz are gilded with 24 Carat fine gold. The creations are offered in 600 points of sale, spread over fifteen different countries. Nilaï Paris has been working in the field for 10 years and demonstrates finesse in her work. If you place an order online, you will benefit from express delivery without having to travel.