Designer bracelet with quartz

Designer bracelet with quartz

Wearing a bracelet is an asset to enhance your outfit and give it more character. It is for this reason that the choice should not be made lightly. At Nilaï Paris, we have a whole collection to suit your taste. The models are designed with natural stones. With a classic and sober style, the designer bracelet with quartz will highlight your personality. A wide choice is available at Nilaï Paris.

The designer bracelet with quartz: an original and pure jewel

The brand's designer bracelet with quartz is worn on the wrist to stand out from the other jewelry you wear. To assert your style, you have several models with different designs and colors at your disposal. You can wear them everyday without any problem. Nilaï Paris designs chain bracelets and link bracelets with natural stones or crystals. This model reflects purity and originality. The designer bracelet with quartz is easy to mix with other types of jewelry. The materials used along with the stones give a chic and elegant result. This model is made for women who like simplicity and accuracy. Moreover, it is very trendy.

The natural stone most used in the design of this bracelet is rose quartz. It is the symbol of love and peace. This variety of quartz brings consolation. As its name suggests, it has a pink hue that varies on the contrast. If you put it in the sun, it tends to peach color. It is recommended for women who have physical injuries or sentimental problems. There are, however, other varieties of quartz used by the Brand.

There are several designer bracelet models with quartz at Nilaï Paris, the most popular of which are the Color Stones bracelet, the Mini Pierre Color Stones bracelet, the Pampilles bracelet, the Gaïa bracelet and the Mini Stone Auréus bracelet. They are all gilded with 24K fine gold and they are water resistant. Some models are designed with multi-quartz, others with rose quartz, emerald quartz, sapphire quartz, ruby ​​quartz and others. It is also possible to adjust the size if necessary.

Nilaï Paris, a designer jewelry brand to your liking

All designer bracelets on sale at Nilaï Paris are delivered in a pouch or gift envelope. Also, they have a one-year warranty. It is even possible to return the jewel after 2 weeks of purchase, if it does not suit you. The brand also provides maintenance advice to optimize the life of your jewellery. You can have it delivered, but you can also pick it up at a point of sale. Nilaï Paris now has 600 stores in several countries. The quality of the services and the quality of the jewelry of the brand make its difference.