Designer rosary with moonstone

Designer rosary with moonstone

The rosary has always been a highly coveted necklace in Christianity, but is used today in the world of jewelry. Thanks to this symbolization, more and more people want to wear it. At Nilaï Paris, we design it with natural stones and with a reworked design. Also, the material used for the chain is of very high quality. The brand has bet on various models of designer rosaries with moonstone.

The designer rosary with moonstone: a "sacred" jewel

Today, the rosary is increasingly sought after by Internet users. This original jewel from the Middle Ages will make you fall in love with its sobriety and authenticity. The moonstone model from Nilaï Paris has a unique charm. The Brand has designed a whole collection with breathtaking finery. Rosaries can be worn daily to match your style.

Bet without hesitation on the designer models with moonstone at Nilaï Paris. This jewel is designed in the brand's Parisian workshop by them. The finish is authentic and of very high quality. The presence of natural stone on jewelry brings a certain discretion and a chic side to your look.

Moonstone is a stone that reflects confidence and happiness. It is designed for women who suffer from pain related to hormones. Associated with the rosary, the result is rich in tenderness and sweetness. It has a cloudy texture with a hint of pale orange. It will sublimate your neck, but also the rest of your outfit.

Nilaï Paris has designed two main rosary models, including the Color Stones and Delhi. They are gilded with fine 24 carat gold. The length of the chains is 48 and 56 cm. They are available in a few colors to give you more choice. This jewel imposes itself on your look thanks to its colorful touch. It is water resistant and has a one year warranty. It also comes in a gift wrap or pouch to prevent scratches during delivery. These models are available from all points of sale.

Nilaï Paris, a brand to suit you

The Nilaï Paris brand takes into account all customer requirements for the design of jewelry. It provides you with practical and effective advice on how you should maintain your jewellery. The aim is, among other things, to maximize the service life. If the model does not suit you, you can return it no later than 15 days after purchasing it. Payment is 100% secure and delivery is made as soon as possible. The brand has 600 points of sale in several countries. Whatever your tastes and preferences, you will find the one that will make you happy among the collection. If you want to enjoy free shipping, just make a purchase worth €80 or more. All jewelry designed by the Brand brings something unique.