Designer necklace with garnet

Designer necklace with garnet

Wearing a pretty necklace is often seen as a symbol of femininity, beauty and elegance. Attracting attention, this jewel allows you to express your personality and your taste for fashion. Fine or massive, it can nicely highlight your neckline. If you want to treat yourself to one, choose a designer necklace with garnet listed in the Nilaï Paris collection.

Accessorize your outfits with the designer necklace with garnet

Wearing a chic accessory, such as the designer garnet necklace, can enhance any outfit. Adorned or not with a medallion, this refined jewel offered by Nilaï Paris is bold and wise at the same time. Adjustable as desired, it can be worn around the neck or as a necklace depending on the model. The designer necklace with garnet is gilded with fine gold in the Parisian workshops of the Brand. Wear it every day, like a little lucky charm that characterizes you so well.

This creation by Nilaï Paris is particularly solid and water resistant. It can be combined with other jewelry from the brand. Mix between the different collections for more style. Nilaï Paris' Mix & Match option allows you to find the best combinations.

Inspired by Indian jewelry, the Delhi necklace is adorned with a sumptuous garnet that brings a colorful touch to your outfit. Its embossed medallion and the finesse of its chain make it a refined and authentic jewel. For example, you can combine this model with the Athena necklace, whose pendant is also set with a garnet. These two jewels are gilded with fine 24K gold and are comfortable to wear. If you are looking for a necklace that is both delicate and sensual, the Gaïa model meets your expectations. The small natural stone is subtly mounted on the chain gilded with fine 24 carat gold. This jewel is discreet and can be worn with other models from the Nilaï Paris collection.

The dark and deep red color is the main asset of garnet. This warm shade with shimmering reflections catches the rays of light and makes the stone shine. This natural stone can be orange, brown or green depending on the deposits. Wear it at every milestone in your life. Indeed, garnet is known as a stone of transformation. It is ideal for melancholic people who need a boost of energy on a daily basis.

Buy your jewelry at a reduced price at Nilaï Paris

Nilaï Paris offers you attractive prices for each of its jewels. Indeed, the designer necklace with garnet is suitable for all budgets. The delivery of your new fashion accessory can even be offered if your purchases exceed 100 euros. Take the opportunity to save on your purchases and avoid travel. In order to guarantee the longevity of your jewel, Nilaï Paris gives you access to adequate maintenance advice on its site. A one-year warranty is also granted to you by the Brand. For any questions regarding Nilaï Paris products, contact a customer advisor or go directly to a Nilaï Store.