Designer bangle with garnet

Jonc de créateur avec grenat

Designer bangle with garnet

Some natural stones are recognized as revitalizing. They can improve your mood and give you more energy. If you like to wear jewelry, choose energizing models that give you positive vibes throughout the day. For this purpose, choose a designer bangle with garnet proposed by Nilaï Paris. The Brand offers you a whole lot of jewelry that you can match as you wish to compose your look.

A jewel that contributes to your well-being and enhances your outfits

Each natural stone releases an energy of its own. As a result, the benefits change depending on the stones. Garnet is a stone of transformation. It gives the energy needed to face the major changes that occur in a person's life. This energy purifies the heart chakra, which promotes the circulation of energy in the body. As for the color of garnet, it is a bright deep red. The reflections of the stone easily catch the light and make it shine on contact with any light source. In addition, be aware that this natural stone is available in several colors, the depth of the colors of which varies according to the deposits. Indeed, garnet can be orange, green, red or brown.

The designer bangle is adorned with a dark, but shiny garnet. It displays structured and delicately crafted patterns by the craftsmen of Nilaï Paris. Its adjustable size allows it to dress all wrists. Add a majestic aura to your look by wearing the designer garnet bangle every day.

Nilaï Paris offers you the Athéna bangle which comes in three versions: dotted, studded and embossed. This jewel is set with two garnets on the tips. It is characterized by its bohemian chic style. Fine and delicate, this fashion accessory evokes a certain idea of ​​lightness. It can be accompanied by designer rings, necklaces or bracelets from the same collection. You can also combine it with other ranges of jewelry from Nilaï Paris.

Elegant bangles available to everyone at Nilaï Paris

We tend to think that quality jewelry is expensive. However, this is not the case at Nilaï Paris since the designer ring, for example, is available at a particularly attractive price. The brand even offers discounts at certain times, such as Valentine's Day or Christmas. To take advantage of these exceptional promotions, subscribe to the website. From 80 euros of purchase, the delivery of your jewelry is offered to you. Your purchases will be delivered to your home within 2 to 3 days.

Nilaï Paris also has 600 stores in 15 countries to get closer to its customers. You will discover a huge collection of fine jewelry similar to the one offered online. The sales advisors can possibly advise you on the perfect compositions according to your tastes. If you validate your purchase on the website, you have the possibility of recovering your jewel from a Nilaï Store near you.