How to choose the perfect pair of earrings?

How to choose the perfect pair of earrings?

Whatever the event and whatever the look, earrings accompany women on a daily basis. Today, these accessories are available in several models. To help you choose the right pair for the occasion or what you're wearing, follow these tips.

Choose according to events

If you have to consider the shape of the face and the haircut to choose a particular pair of earrings, it is imperative to adapt it to the event so as not to clash. The bride for example will have to choose her earrings according to her dress. A pair of pearl earrings is enough to magnify a white dress with elaborate details, in lace for example, especially with hair up. The white gold models mounted with a diamond are also causing a stir. If your hair is loose, pendants and more showy models are in order. If you are invited, the rule is the same, adapt your earrings to your dress and your hairstyle. To play on discretion with a dress with lots of details, opt for a discreet but elegant pair, like the models from the Gaïa collection from Nilaï. These small, delicate and very feminine hoops feature a semi-precious oval stone available in various colours. For an evening, choose very showy earrings.

What to wear with glasses?

The curls are usually chosen according to the hairstyle, but it is also important to adapt them to your glasses. Whether solar or sight, opt for matching jewelry. Above all, you must choose pairs that correspond to the size of your glasses. If you wear small glasses, you can choose to put on a pair of clip or stud earrings. Nothing prevents you from betting on the larger models. For standard size glasses, choose jewelry that does not exceed the height of the jaws, such as those from the Gaïa collection. If your glasses are XXL, play the discretion card. For this, put chips or thin pendants. Their color should not clash and be quite discreet.

How to wear earrings when you have 2 piercings on one ear?

When the ears have several piercings, it is appropriate to match different styles of earrings to show off. You can multiply your earrings by playing on the patterns and materials. Wearing different types of jewelry is also very trendy, such as a stud or a ring, or even a dangling earrings and an earring. There are pairs on the market that are directly suitable for two holes. They are often connected by a chain. Ear cuffs, these small rings that can be worn without piercings, are also ideal.