Earrings: why wear them?

Earrings: why wear them?

Nowadays, men and women wear earrings in their ears. Moreover, the choice is vast ranging from discreet chips to fancy models through the timeless creoles. Earrings meet all styles and tastes. The wearing of earrings is however not a trend born yesterday, but goes back to the bottom of the ages, and then had a particular meaning depending on the person.

Wearing earrings: the origins

Getting your ears pierced is an ancient practice. It is also one of the oldest body modifications known. It is in Mongolia that the oldest earrings, over 7,000 years old, have been discovered. For centuries, this jewel was already appreciated, even the soldiers of the Persian Empire wore it. Women in the time of the pharaohs, the Greeks of ancient times all already wore these earrings in their ears. Today, this habit is widespread across the globe. However, it took time for everyone to be able to wear them.

During the Middle Ages, it was frowned upon to have pierced ears. Only women of the nobility could wear earrings. This accessory did not really come into vogue until the 18th century . The models then diversified. The ears of little girls were pierced earlier and earlier, even at birth. Men, on the other hand, only started to wear earrings in the 1960s. Whether for men or women, earrings come in all styles, made of a more or less precious material, set with stones or not. gems and other ornaments. They are worn alone or with other models, on pierced ears or not, or on other parts of the body.

Wear curls to show off your femininity

Wearing earrings had a special meaning. For the sailors, this jewel was like a talisman which protected them from shipwrecks and which constituted currency of exchange when the time came. Pirates also had their ears pierced ear pierced to sharpen their eyesight. Over time, the reasons for wearing this jewel have evolved. We agree that it's an essential accessory to perfect an outfit and for the fairer sex, it's a sure way to assert your femininity discreetly, or on the contrary with a certain insolence, it all depends of the chosen model.

Stone-encrusted chips attract attention, but enhance the face. The creoles for their part, immediately capture the eye with their more or less imposing shape. They are suitable for sober sportswear type outfits than for a more feminine look with a pretty dress. For those who prefer more discreet hoops, the Cléa collection from Nilaï offers models of very refined mini-hoops adorned with a medal, pearls or crosses.