How to determine the ideal bracelet size?

How to determine the ideal bracelet size?

To enhance your wrist with a bracelet, it is important to choose the right jewel. In addition to the style and the material, the size is a major criterion to take into account in this case. If it is too tight, the bracelet can be uncomfortable to wear. On the other hand, if it is too wide, it can fall without you even realizing it. To choose the ideal bracelet for you or to offer, here are our valuable tips.

Measuring the wrist, an important step

The bracelet is a trendy accessory that must be chosen with care, every little detail can influence your look. To find the right bracelet size or have one made to measure, it is necessary to take your wrist size. You can measure it using a tape measure or a string, taking care to slide your finger between the wrist and the accessory used. The length measured with the string must be reported on a double decimetre. If you want a bracelet with a loose fit, add one to two centimeters to the measurement. Be careful, however, not to widen the bracelet too much at the risk of losing it. Measuring the wrist makes it easier to choose the bracelet and reduces the inconvenience of an accessory with an inadequate size.

What standard bracelet size should I choose?

If you wish to offer a bracelet and you do not know the size of the person's wrist, you can refer to the standard bracelet sizes. For children the height varies between 14 cm and 16 cm. For men, the standard size ranges from 20 to 21 cm. But for men, the size of the bracelets can range from 18.5 to 23 cm. For women, the size of the wrists varies around 19 cm and 20 cm for loose wear. However, over time, it is possible that we gain weight or on the contrary that we lose weight and the bracelet, so well adjusted as usual, may be tighter or too loose. In this case, it is of course possible to adjust it at the jeweler. To avoid going to this professional, it is more advisable, if possible, to opt for models equipped with a closing system with rings. Thus, it is easy to adapt the size of the jewel according to morphological changes. The Aureus bracelet for example has 3 rings that allow you to adjust its size as needed between 15 to 18 cm. This model, dressed in a thin layer of fine gold, stands out with its medallion stamped with an antique portrait.