Attaching a bracelet on its own: how to do it?

Attaching a bracelet on its own: how to do it?

Closing a bracelet with one hand is a challenge that everyone has experienced at least once. This is a problem that can put a strain on the nerves, but also waste a lot of time and at worst turn us away from this gem entirely. Fortunately, there are simple and effective ways to help you close your bracelet without anyone's help. Here are the tricks that you can easily reproduce at home.

How to proceed to attach a bracelet alone?

By using the right trick, you will no longer need help attaching your bracelet. Your office or your bathroom contains the secret tool that will allow you to carry out this task which seems easy at first glance, but which stresses us out. You can indeed bring a simple paper clip or an invisible hairpin. A safety pin may also be suitable. The method using these accessories is very simple to perform and is suitable for all types of clasp bracelets. You just have to pass the end of a paper clip that you have previously unfolded or the pin in the attachment ring of your bracelet. Hold the used accessory on the palm of your hand with your fingers and wrap the bracelet around your wrist, then hook the clasp to the attachment ring. When the bracelet is in place, remove the paperclip or pin. This simple trick saves you a ton of time closing your accessory using an everyday item.

Multiply the bracelets with this simple trick

If before you were limited to bracelets that simply slip on like rushes and cuffs, thanks to the trick of the trombone or the hairpin, your choices are greatly expanded. Indeed, most of these jewels have a clasp. Now you can opt for chains or link bracelets. Among the Nilaï collection, discover for example the Victoria bracelet with a classic clasp. Thanks to the chain at its end, you can adjust it according to the size of your wrist for a more comfortable fit. This bracelet gilded with fine gold is set with a natural stone mounted on a pattern inspired by the royal ornaments of the Victorian era. You can combine this sober model with the ring from the same collection or opt for other bracelets from Nilaï adorned with precious stones, seed beads, gold or silver.