The pendant, a timeless jewel

The pendant, a timeless jewel

Worn since the dawn of time, the pendant was once used to display one's faith and beliefs. Still popular, this jewel now adorns busts to perfect a look or to keep a precious object offered by a loved one close to one's heart. Available in all materials and all styles, the pendant is still as attractive as ever.

The pendant, a jewel for everyone and for all occasions

Of all the pendants, the cross-shaped one is certainly the most popular. For a personalized gift, medallions engraved with a letter, an astrological sign, a name or a significant date have become a great classic as a birthday gift, a birth or baptism gift. For these ladies, this jewel can reveal simple lines to be worn every day or even be set with diamonds for special occasions. If models can adapt to both men and women, certain styles appeal to and are more suitable for men.

The pendant, a jewel that comes in infinite variations

In the shape of a star or moon, of a heart with more or less worked lines, this jewel comes in all shapes and styles to adapt to everyone's desires and tastes. It can highlight a passion like music or sports, or his favorite animal. This jewel can be made in a more or less precious material, but can also be made in a precious or non-precious gem like the Goutte Color Stones Necklace . This delicate natural stone pendant is in the shape of a drop. Mounted on a well-proportioned necklace, it falls elegantly on your chest to embellish your neckline. Natural stone comes in different colors.

How to wear a pendant?

To make the pendant stand out, the proportions should be well balanced. For a medium-sized model, a thin necklace is recommended. An imposing piece for its part will have to be mounted on a larger necklace. As for the material, it is imperative to choose a necklace and a pendant made of the same metal to avoid oxidation reactions. Costume jewelry and gemstones for their part can be associated with a leather link. As with rings and bracelets, the trend is also towards accumulation for bracelets. So, if you want to wear all your pendants at the same time, it is quite possible. To do this, choose thin necklaces with different lengths to highlight each piece.