How to enhance a rectangular face with earrings?

How to enhance a rectangular face with earrings?

Earrings are accessories that enhance our daily outfits. For many women, these jewels are granted according to the look of the day and the occasion. The choice of these accessories is not easy, however, as the models are varied. However, it is easier to opt for a given pair by considering the shape of the face. Thus, for those who have a rectangular face, it is possible to accentuate these features or on the contrary soften the angles according to the models chosen. Zoom on everything there is to know to choose the ideal pair according to the desired rendering.

The earrings to choose according to the desired result

If, like the stars Teri Hatcher or Angelina Jolie, your face is rectangular, depending on the style of earrings, you can accentuate your features or, on the contrary, soften them. Thus, if you choose rounded and voluminous earrings, then you will soften the angles of your face. On the other hand, if you want to emphasize the length of your face, opt for long and thin pairs. To do this, the Pampille s earrings from Nilaï are an excellent choice. They look like a chain on which are mounted multicolored stones. Those who want to bet on more sobriety opt for the two-tone black and white model. Water resistant, they magnify your face with elegance. Gilded with fine 24 carat gold, they will sublimate your daily or evening outfits. In short, you can wear all models of earrings, it all depends on the effect you are looking for.

Choose jewelry that matches your outfit

The curls that will perfectly frame your rectangular face should also match the way you dress. If you have to do a job interview or an important presentation, then it will be better to wear a pair of fairly simple earrings. Your jewelry should not influence your interlocutor. However, it all depends on your industry. If the job is in the creative field, then some pretty fancy earrings may be a perfect fit for your recruiter. If you have to go to a dressy party, do not hesitate to adorn yourself with your most beautiful pairs of curls. If you have to wear a black dress for the occasion, the Pampilles earrings from Nilaï are perfect. Available in various colors, this model can actually match any outfit.