Earrings to highlight an oval face

Earrings to highlight an oval face

Not all earrings enhance all face types. The advantage for women with an oval face is that all models suit them. They are then spoiled for choice between various designs and can change their curls according to their desires and their mood. However, it remains important that the accessory worn matches her outfit. Depending on the desired effect, here's how to choose your pair of earrings to highlight your oval face.

Accentuate the softness of your features, which earrings to opt for?

What characterizes the morphology of an oval face is the softness of its features. To dress your face and accentuate its delicate contours, round or spiral earrings are the most suitable. These rounded curls have the effect of softening the lines of the face. With this in mind, you can succumb to the Alexia earrings . This model is adorned with openwork medallions 2 cm in diameter, with fairly complex patterns. Key pieces from Nilaï's spring-summer 2019 collection, these 24-carat fine gold-plated earrings bring a certain touch of elegance to your outfit. To complete your look, they can be matched with the other elements of the Alexia collection such as the bracelets, the necklace and the ring. But worn alone, they will be enough to beautify your face.

Refine features with lanky models

If you want to break the softness of your features and refine your face, favor slender earrings. Playing around with the different lengths of earrings will allow you to tone down the oval shape. Whatever your desire, you will certainly find your happiness among many models of more or less long pendants. On the other hand, for a perfect rendering, the pair you have chosen must be able to marry perfectly with your outfit.

Earrings with geometric shapes, jewelry with character

It is also possible to opt for more original jewelry to adorn an oval face. By more original earrings, it is a question of geometric models with thick and well-asserted lines. They can be, depending on the case, longer than wide to make it possible to refine the face or be quite imposing. These geometric models make it possible to break the soft lines and to affirm the angular side. But of course, for those who want to bet on discretion, it is also possible to choose earrings with more discreet angles.