Be trendy with bracelets

Être tendance avec les bracelets

Be trendy with bracelets

Bracelets are among the timeless and essential jewels to complete your outfit. Depending on the model, these fashion accessories can perfectly match your style and the occasion. To be in tune with the times and wear your bracelet with originality in all circumstances, follow these few tips.

Accumulate your bracelets in style

Today, in jewelry, the trend is stacking or accumulation. Rings, necklaces are no exception, let alone bracelets. We accumulate them around the wrists for style. To harmonize all its bracelets and take advantage of the stacking trend, it is however advisable to favor thin and discreet models. So you can tune 7-8 patterns on your wrist. The rushes are the easiest to accumulate. You will discover a whole range of them among the collections of Nilaï bracelets . Their sober lines allow you to easily combine them with other models of bracelets, set or not with Swarowski crystal or precious stones. You can choose from chains and links to magnify your style. If you have fallen for larger bracelets, reduce the number to 2 or 3 so as not to overload your arm and your look. Care must be taken that the stacking does not exceed the forearm. Models of cuffs are also to be discovered in our collection. Sober and elegant, all our bracelets can be worn alone, it all depends on your desires.

Tips for marrying bracelets together perfectly

To easily combine all your bracelets, you can choose bangle models with different colors or play on the materials, metal, leather or fabric. For a harmonious rendering, opt for jewelry with an identical style. In addition, it is quite possible to wear gold or silver bracelets on the wrist. The main thing is to adapt them to your look and your personality.

When it comes to choosing the wrist on which to wear the bracelet, it all depends on your style, but you also have to take care of your comfort. So that these jewels do not bother you on a daily basis, it is necessary to follow a few criteria. If you are right-handed, it will be better to wear your bracelets on your left wrist. And vice versa if you are left handed. If you usually wear a watch, put the other jewelry on the opposite wrist. Your choice must therefore be made according to your habits and your activities, the main thing is to feel comfortable while remaining trendy.