How to put your earrings?

How to put your earrings?

Putting on your earrings becomes child's play once you get used to them. When this is the case, whatever the type of curls, they are put in place in two steps three movements. For those who are not yet used to it, the maneuver can be more delicate.

The techniques according to the types of earrings

The models of earrings with hook are the easiest to put on. All you have to do is insert the curved rod into the hole in each lobe and you're done. Sleepers are put on the same way. Once the buckles are in place, close the hinges to prevent them from falling.

To thread the chips and studs, you will need both hands. With one hand, insert the rod into the hole in the lobes and hold the loop in place. Place the clasp behind the ear with the other hand. Make sure that the rod passes through the butterfly clasp, screw or clasp with the Alpa system.

The semi-circular rings are put in place in the same way as the stud earrings. As for the creoles, they are closed by inserting the stem into the other end of the earring. The earrings may seem difficult to handle, but you will quickly feel their flexibility.

The tips to know to put your curls

Some good habits are to be acquired when you put on curls. Before putting on your earrings, clean them carefully with cotton or a soft cloth soaked in alcohol. If you are not yet used to putting on curls, put them on while always standing in front of a perfectly lit mirror. To make it easier to pass the stud ear studs through the hole, rotate it slowly as you go while pushing it.