How to store your earrings?

How to store your earrings?

Searching for the second earring is a challenge that almost all of us face on a daily basis. To avoid a nervous breakdown and save precious minutes in the morning, store your earrings in a more organized way. To do this, treat yourself to a nice display for earrings or simply show a little imagination.

The case of stud earrings

Small in size, the stud earrings are both easy to store and easy to misplace. If the compartmentalized boxes remain the storage place par excellence, there is another simple, practical and aesthetic way to store them. After removing and carefully cleaning your studs and earrings, simply hang them on a piece of ribbon. To prevent it from tearing when you insert the stems of the earrings, choose thick models. Sew a ring or hook to one end of the ribbon so you can hang it in your closet, for example. Corks can also be used to store ear studs. All you have to do is stick them in a frame.

The case of drop earrings

To store your earrings, use displays. You can easily find them in all sizes, shapes and materials on online stores. Thanks to some simple tricks, you can nevertheless make your own earring display stand. You can do this by mounting a chicken wire on a frame. It is also possible to use lace for a more glamorous look. Stretch a piece of lace over an embroidery frame or hoop.

To store your earrings, however, it is possible to use a few kitchen utensils. Painted or left as is, embellished with a ribbon, an oven rack receives your earrings and becomes a decorative accessory in its own right hung on a wall. Customized with spray paint, a four-sided metal cheese grater welcomes your collection. A flat grater will certainly find its place on the wall. Pen cups made with fine wire mesh can also accommodate your drop earrings.