How to wear your bracelets?

Comment porter ses bracelets ?

How to wear your bracelets?

The bracelet is an accessory that we tend to wear alone on the wrist. However, in recent years, the way to wear this jewel has evolved relatively. So how do we go about transforming our bracelets into real fashion accessories, capable of giving character to our looks?

Accumulate bracelets: it's trendy

When it comes to wearing jewelry, the trend is towards accumulation or stacking. Necklaces, rings, earrings: in theory, the more the better. This new way of wearing jewelry also applies to bracelets.

On the same wrist, combine your silver or gold chains with rushes and possibly bracelets in colored thread. To avoid overloading the wrist when you wear 7 or 8 bracelets at the same time, always favor thin and discreet models.

If your bracelets are thick enough, limit yourself to 2 or 3 maximum. Also avoid falling into “too much” by ensuring that the accumulated bracelets do not go beyond the forearm. For successful stacking, you must also follow a few simple, but essential rules.

Combine bracelets: yes, but which ones?

When you wear several bracelets at the same time, give preference to thin models as much as possible. In terms of color, anything goes. It has long been recommended not to combine gold and silver. However, with stacking, this instruction is no longer relevant.

Do you want to integrate charm bracelets or bracelets with colored beads into your stacking? No problem. For a visually pleasing look, play with color contrasts. At home, do not hesitate to do tests and compare the results.

Today, there are "all-in-one" bracelets. Complementary in style, the elements appear separate, but are actually connected to each other. Very practical, they allow you to surf the trend.