The trick to close your bracelet alone

L’astuce pour refermer seul son bracelet

The trick to close your bracelet alone

Closing your bracelet alone is a small challenge that you can take up each time you decide to put on a model with a clasp. And the least we can say is that it is not an easy task. However, there is a simple technique to achieve this little tour de force in two steps.

Closing your bracelet: THE unstoppable technique

Closing your bracelet without anyone's help has long been a source of annoyance for many. You have to do it several times and take your pain patiently, to find yourself ultimately frustrated, for lack of success.

But with this technique, you will see that it was actually not that complex. To put on your bracelet alone, you will only need a paperclip.

  • Unbend the paper clip and pass it through the bracelet attachment ring;
  • Hold the paper clip with your fingers and the palm of your hand and wrap the bracelet around your wrist;
  • Hook the clasp to the attachment ring;
  • Carefully remove the paperclip.

That's it, your bracelet is now attached to your wrist. For this very simple technique – but which we have not necessarily thought of – you can also use a bobby pin or a safety pin.

The trombone technique: on what types of bracelets?

You can close your bracelet on your own using a paper clip if it has a simple clasp or if it is a chain. Some bracelets are also equipped with different rings to adapt its length to the wrist. These models can also be closed using the technique mentioned. If the chain is long enough, you can do without the paperclip.

With this trick, wearing a clasp bracelet is no longer a source of frustration on a daily basis. You can now put on as many bracelets as you want, without wasting your patience and time.