What type of bracelet to choose?

What type of bracelet to choose?

Like earrings, the bracelet is part of the accessories, which well chosen, nicely refines a look. Although the models of bracelets are very varied, depending on the era, some models may be more popular than others.

The most popular bracelet models

When it comes to bracelet models, you are spoiled for choice. Some models of bracelets are nevertheless more trendy than others.

This is the case for example of the gold or silver bracelet in fine chain. Depending on your desires and outfits, this bracelet made up of links can be embellished with one or more charms. The choice of the latter generally reflects the personality of the wearer. A superstitious person will, for example, like to hang clover or horseshoe-shaped charms on their bracelet.

Bracelets alternating fine chains and pearls are also appreciated. Offered in a variety of colors, the pearls harmonize nicely with the outfit worn. In terms of bracelets, the cuff and bangle – round or even square – are also on the rise. Open or closed at its ends, the bangle can be personalized in different ways. Charms can be hung on it or colored threads wrapped around it.

Choose your bracelet according to your outfit

Alternate the models of bracelets according to your outfit of the day. To perfect a strict look, bet for example on a sleek and classic model like a bangle or a cuff. A fine gold or silver chain enhanced with a delicate plate may also be suitable. A colorful bracelet adds pep to a casual outfit.

Do not hesitate to accumulate bracelets for a successful bohemian style. On the same hand, combine fine chain bracelets with or without charms with models enhanced with pearls and a bangle.