Thick fingers: which ring to choose to highlight them?

Thick fingers: which ring to choose to highlight them?

To choose jewelry, especially rings, we tend to refer to the latest trend. However, fashionable models are not suitable for everyone. Some rings show off thin, elongated hands more than thicker ones with fairly wide fingers. When you have thick fingers, it is possible to refine them visually thanks to specific models, quite imposing.

Opt for voluminous rings

With thick fingers, it is not advisable to choose jewelry that is too thin or tight. They risk accentuating the thickness of the fingers and pudding them, just the opposite of the desired effect. It is better to lean on imposing rings to highlight the hand. Models with quite showy stones or finishes are perfect for dressing thick fingers. They allow you to divert attention. The Victoria ring from Nilaï, for example, is ideal for adorning fairly wide fingers. It reveals carefully worked patterns, inspired by British royalty. Its wide ring is set with an oval semi-precious stone that can be declined from blue to brown. Its adjustable ring can adapt to all sizes. This adjustable model is particularly practical for those whose fingers are prone to swelling or who have strong joints. To accompany a voluminous ring, it is advisable to choose an imposing bracelet always with the aim of refining the hand.

Which engagement ring or which alliance to choose when you have thick fingers?

The choice of these jewels is not always obvious, because they will be worn on a daily basis. For those with thick fingers, it is better to opt for a ring with a wide band. The stone should preferably be an oblong stone to refine the rendering. A stone in the shape of a drop, marquise or oval is therefore perfectly suitable. It is also more appropriate to opt for a Trilogy ring, bringing this exuberant touch more suited to thick fingers. These models remain elegant and its stones give a certain sparkle.

For the alliance, the Parisian rush type ring is recommended. It is trendy and perfectly dresses this type of morphology. Rings set with diamonds are also models to choose for these ladies. Aside from the ring, the manicure is also a solution to refine your fingers and highlight them. It is therefore essential to take care of your hands. But, whatever the shape of your fingers, you will always find the ring made at Nilaï.