Fine fingers: which models of rings are the most suitable?

Fine fingers: which models of rings are the most suitable?

Those who have slender fingers can afford to wear all styles of rings from the imposing signet ring to a fine and discreet ring through a jewel set with precious or semi-precious stones. But with this type of morphology, it is sometimes difficult to find the right size. To adorn your hands to perfection, discover these few tips.

All models of rings can be suitable for thin hands

Fine fingers can certainly adapt to all styles of rings, but care must be taken to preserve the delicacy of the hand. In order to enhance your fingers and emphasize their finesse, the jewel should not overload the hand. It is therefore preferable to opt for rings with clean lines to dress a slender hand with elegance. The Norma ring from Nilaï is the ideal jewel to sublimate this type of morphology. Sober and elegant, this 24K gold ring made up of 3 rings is the perfect finishing touch to give a chic look. It can perfectly suit a thin finger thanks to its adjustable size. To enhance delicate fingers, it is also possible to opt for patterned models. The openwork or S-shaped ones, embellished with flowers or the chevron ring are perfect for this type of finger.

A few tips for finding the ideal ring for slender fingers

Although slender fingers can be adorned with all styles of ring, it is sometimes difficult to find the right size. Many models are not available in a size smaller than 52. Admittedly, it is possible to request a size adjustment from a jeweler, but this has a cost. In addition, some rings are difficult to adjust, especially those that are set with diamonds or precious stones. The stones can indeed become unstable after the operation. To skillfully place a ring that is too big on your finger, you can use a wedge ring. This solution, which consists of putting another well-fitting ring in front of your ring, is practical so that jewelry that is too large does not move. In trade, there are also fitters. Placed on the palm side of the ring, they allow, as their name suggests, to adjust the jewel to the size of the finger, like false soles for shoes that are too big. Very fashionable at the moment, knuckle rings are available in sizes between 43 and 49. Instead of putting them on the end of the finger, they can be worn like classic models.