Index finger: what ring to wear on this finger?

Index finger: what ring to wear on this finger?

To choose a ring, it is necessary to take into account the morphology of the hands and fingers. Some models emphasize longer fingers like the index finger more than thicker ones. When it comes to location, wearing a ring on a given finger can have a special meaning. So if a ring on the ring finger indicates engagement, what does putting one on the index finger mean?

All types of rings are worn on the index finger

The size of the index finger is roughly similar to that of the ring finger. Thus, we can put the same style of jewelry. It all depends on your tastes. But the ideal would be to opt for a fairly discreet jewel. A ring with a thin ring will emphasize the finesse of your finger. The embossed ring from the Oréade collection from Nilaï is an excellent model to choose. Gilded with fine gold, it reveals pretty patterns on the ring. This model is set with a natural stone. You can choose between tiger's eye, blue turquoise, mother-of-pearl, carnelian and black agate. Thanks to its adjustable size, it will adapt to all body types. If you prefer more imposing models, the index also lends itself to voluminous rings, with more showy gems. On this finger, this type of jewelry will not interfere with your daily tasks. If you want to wear several rings at the same time, do not hesitate to alternate shapes and sizes. If you opt for a thin ring on the thumb, the index finger can be dressed in a more imposing jewel. The main thing is to play on materials and volumes for a touch of originality.

A ring worn on the index finger: the meaning

The index finger is the finger used to indicate or point. It is the one used to give an order or ask to speak. A ring worn on the index finger will thus be a sign of authority. It's a way to show his strong character and assert his power. Thus, a ring with an imposing stone as mentioned above suits this finger perfectly. It also attracts attention and placing a jewel there can also be a way to bring more originality to your look. To stand out, you can opt for double rings. These rings connected by a chain are placed on the index and thumb, or on the index and middle finger. The armor ring is perfect for the index finger. This model is very trendy with followers of the Gothic style. The jewel often takes the form of a gauntlet finger with an articulated joint at the phalanges.