rings and women

rings and women

The ring is a piece of jewelry that is always very popular. In addition to the style, for the perfect model, it is necessary to take into account its size, the material in which it is made, but also the morphology of the hands. To offer a ring to a woman is a very symbolic act whatever the material in which it is designed, whether or not it is set with a precious stone.

The symbolism of the women's ring

Whatever its style and price, a ring offered to a woman by a man can mislead, because it is an act that is not meaningless. Everything obviously depends on the person to whom it is offered and the events. But, in general, giving a ring is a sign of love. For centuries, it was given to the loved one to mark his commitment. Nowadays, a piece of gold jewelry set with a diamond is appreciated for an engagement proposal. It is an ideal present to declare your love. But a ring can also be seen as proof of friendship. In this context, in order not to cause confusion, it is appropriate not to offer a solitaire ring to a dear friend. If this jewel is often considered as a proof of love, many simply use it to dress the fingers and complete a look. In all cases, it is advisable to choose a model with the right size. Too tight, the ring may cause discomfort. Too big, it can slip from the finger without noticing it.

Choose your ring according to the shape of your fingers

Although a ring is an incomparable jewel, in order for it to elegantly adorn the hands, it must harmonize perfectly with the shape of the finger. Thus, for thin and short fingers, preference should be given to well-fitting and equally delicate rings. For larger fingers, bulkier rings help divert attention. The choice must also take into account the finger on which the jewel will be placed. To highlight the index for example, fairly discreet models are more appropriate. But for those who want a more assertive rendering, it is quite possible to opt for a more imposing piece to adorn their index, such as the Auréus ring . Its thick ring gilded with fine gold is adorned with an antique portrait. It is adjustable and allows it to be adapted to all sizes.