Triangular face: which models of earrings are to be preferred?

Triangular face: which models of earrings are to be preferred?

With countless models of earrings, it is difficult to choose the right pair. To refine your choice, it is however possible to take certain criteria into account. The morphology of the face is undoubtedly the most important parameter to consider. While some designs pair beautifully with specific face shapes, others don't. Whether you have a square or round face, you must always take care to balance the result by opting for this or that pair. For those who have a triangular face, in the shape of a heart, given models are to be preferred. Follow the guide to know the most suitable earrings.

Which earrings to opt for when you have a triangle-shaped face?

Your forehead is wide and tapers towards the chin? You have a triangular, but heart-shaped face. If these proportions are reversed, i.e. a wider chin, it is a pyramid face. In any case, the main thing is to offset the triangular shape of the face. So choose the appropriate earrings that will fill the thin part. So, if you have a heart-shaped face, opt for a triangle-shaped pair with the tip pointing towards the wide part of the face, that is to say the top to balance the rendering. Prefer in this case the earrings in the shape of a pyramid, tassel or oval drop-shaped models like the Color Stones earrings are quite indicated. Set with drop-shaped natural stones, this discreet but elegant pair is ideal for triangle body types. It comes in 15 colors ranging from the bright red of natural chalcedony to the milky white of rainbow moonstone. It is gilded with fine 24 carat gold.

Which earrings to avoid?

If the earrings in the shape of an inverted triangle, oval or drop are ideal to highlight the face in the shape of a triangle, it is especially necessary to avoid the jewels which accentuate the proportions of this morphology. Clearly, slender earrings are strongly discouraged. As the long and thin models elongate the features of the face, it will add length to the already narrow chin. The same goes for earrings that add volume to the top of the face. Bulky earrings are therefore to be avoided for triangular faces.