Small hands and short fingers: what is the ideal ring?

Small hands and short fingers: what is the ideal ring?

To choose a ring, it is necessary to take into account the morphology of the fingers and the hands. Indeed, not all models can be suitable for everyone. The width, the height, the shape of the stone and the volume of the ring are just as many elements that must be considered to find the perfect ring. For short fingers and hands, for example, the idea is to visually lengthen them without overloading them. Follow these few tips to find the jewel you need if this is your case.

The ideal ring models to enhance slender hands and short fingers

To give an elongated effect to short fingers, it is advisable to choose thin ring models rather than bulky ones. The latter risk crowding the hand. This style is found in some Nilaï collections. For example, you can opt for the Crystal ring . It has a sober and fine ring. It is set with a Swarovski crystal available in a dozen colors and which, under the light, reveals all its brilliance. This little gem lends itself perfectly to the "stacking" style which consists of superimposing thin rings. However, care must be taken not to cover the entire phalanx. It tends to bulge out your hand, especially if it's small. Rings that are too wide also give this impression. But if you fell for these models, prefer those that are chiseled or openwork with a more airy look.

How to choose an engagement ring or wedding band for small hands?

The choice of an engagement ring must be carefully considered. It is a jewel that will accompany you everywhere. If you have short fingers or hands, a thin model is a must. Simple, but elegant, the solitaire ring is to be preferred. However, prefer a small stone in the shape of an oval, heart, rectangle or marquise. These shapes will enhance your hands by giving the impression of extending your fingers. For an alliance, the same principle applies. A ring with a thin band will be in perfect harmony with the size of your hand and the morphology of your fingers. And finally, your jewel must be perfectly adjusted to your finger. You must be able to take it off and put it on without risking it falling. An ill-fitting ring on small hands will only accentuate size and make it look even smaller.