What does a ring around the neck mean?

What does a ring around the neck mean?

The ring is no longer confined to the finger, fashion makes it an all-purpose accessory to set your style apart. The ring can also be used as a pendant associated with a pretty chain. It can then become an accessory with strong sentimental value, which has deep meaning for its owner. A ring pendant can also be an expression of assertiveness or a way to simply add style to your look.

The ring around the neck: a jewel with a particular symbol

The ring worn as a pendant on a chain is really part of you. Displayed daily, it follows its owner wherever he goes. Some rings worn in this way are, for example, an heirloom, a widow's ring or quite simply a piece of jewelry offered by a loved one that is not the right size, but that its owner keeps for love. This jewel then becomes the memory of a particular person or event, a memory that we do not necessarily seek to display, but that we simply keep for ourselves.

A personal accessory to better assert yourself

Why wear a ring on your finger when it is much more visible around the neck? Indeed, making it a pendant is also an aesthetic choice that can be very interesting. Diverting the use of a ring is also a fashion effect, but it can also be a personal choice. Opt for a beautiful chain as well as a ring that fits perfectly, what better way to brighten up your style? In the way of wearing your jewels, it is always possible to innovate, to transform the accessories to wear them differently, to show a way of bringing creativity to your look. This fancy shape is also a good idea to assert your tastes and personality.