What does a thumb ring mean?

What does a thumb ring mean?

Wearing a ring on your thumb is akin to an idea of ​​self-confidence, but also of self-affirmation. Wearing this type of ring generally demonstrates a strong taste for rather bulky jewelry since this finger is larger than the others. But today, fashion is reinventing itself with thin and much more feminized thumb rings.

The thumb ring: self-confidence

Even if in general, jewelry is worn for oneself, to stay in trend, but also to show one's style, it is also intended for personal satisfaction. In other words, it is not always necessary that the jewel be remarkable. The ring worn on the thumb is one of them, it can be discreet and does not seek anyone's approval, so it is equal to the person who wears it. She knows herself well enough to know what she wants, she's a sure person. Wearing a ring on your finger like this is not within everyone's reach.

The thumb ring: a choice of various models

Usually, at the time of purchase, the ring is tried on the ring finger, middle finger or index finger, it is rarely chosen for the size of the thumb. This type of ring, you have to want it, you have to have a penchant for trendy jewelry. Wearing a thumb ring is therefore synonymous with an assertive choice, a style that is truly unique, but full of charm. The patterns, colors of the stones and their meanings are varied. Today, the catalogs of jewelers are full of finger rings for men and women in gold or silver reflecting all tastes. Symbol-laden stones such as green agate, amethyst, carnelian and aventurine adorn the most fashionable models.