Which earrings to choose with medium-length hair?

Which earrings to choose with medium-length hair?

The choice of earrings when you have a mid-length haircut will mainly depend on the hairstyle you adopt. When your hair is tied in a ponytail or braided, another criterion is added to the hairstyle, it is the morphology of the face.

If medium-length hair is loose

For a nice visual hide-and-seek between your hair and your earrings, opt for pendants. Halfway up the neck or stopping right at the shoulders, all lengths are allowed. The same goes for style. Alternate discreet and fine pendants with more visible and extravagant models according to your desires and your outfits. Creole type earrings – mini or XXL –, sleepers and stud earrings are also indicated if you have medium-length hair. They dress the ears with finesse and are worn on different occasions. Gold or silver, set with stones or not, opt for styles of earrings that suit you.

If medium-length hair is tied back

The morphology of the face is a criterion for choosing earrings that should not be overlooked when you tie your mid-length hair. To highlight a round face, for example, favor pendants and graphic models that visually lengthen the face. Earrings with rounded shapes such as hoops are more recommended if, for example, you have a triangle face or if you have strong jaws. Are your ears pierced in more than one place? Dress them up with different curl patterns at once. For more originality, also mismatch your earrings.

To be at the heart of the trend, wear only one earring and leave the other ear "bare". Then prefer to tie your hair on the side to balance the result and provide some symmetry to the face.