Earring clasps: what are they?

Earring clasps: what are they?

Apart from the crochet models, all the earrings have clasps. Essential, they optimize the hold of the curls and prevent them from falling off when worn. Depending on the models of earrings, it is possible to distinguish several types of clasps, which are easy to put in place.

The butterfly clasp: the most common

As indicated by its name, this type of clasp takes the form of a butterfly with a hole in the middle. Made of the same material as the jewel, it is placed at the back of the ear so as to receive the rod on which the ornament of the earring is mounted. The butterfly clasp is common on studs and earrings, pendants and even some hoops.

The screw clasp: a very common model too

The screw clasp works the same way as the butterflies. The rod hosting the ornamentation of the loops is however threaded. This feature optimizes the attachment of the earrings.

The Alpa system: for optimal support

This type of team clasp mainly comes in the form of a domed disc pierced with a hole in its center. The disc hosts on both sides snaps that firmly tighten the hole, once the post of the earrings is in place.

The ratchet: dedicated to sleepers

This type of clasp is common on so-called sleeper buckles. Integrated into the buckle, it comes in the form of a mobile element to close via a hinge. Among jewelers, the hinge is known as a break.

The ring: common to creoles

This type of clasp is found exclusively on hoops. This is an empty space where the curved stem of the earring is inserted. Models with this type of clasps are quite flexible. The ring must in fact be spread far enough to facilitate the insertion of the post into the piercing hole and the emptying of the earring.