Which earrings to choose with long hair?

Which earrings to choose with long hair?

When you have long hair, when it comes to earrings, all the fantasies are possible. For a harmonious look, however, it is recommended to choose them, mainly according to the way you will wear your hair. Desires and even mood can nevertheless influence your choice.

Showy earrings: perfect with loose hair

Drop earrings are perfect if you're one of those people who likes to feel their hair blowing in the wind. These models of earrings are offered in various styles. Fine, long and discreet or more imposing and showy, the pendants dress your ears. When they are well chosen, they alone can bring a unique cachet to the outfit and help you stand out. As for color, the models of silver and gold earrings are timeless. They refine any evening or everyday outfits.

Discreet earrings: ideal with tied hair

Sleepers, stud earrings and mini-hoops with charms are recommended when you tie your long hair in a ponytail or a bun, for example. These specific models of earrings discreetly dress the ears. They don't grab all the attention, but they do enhance your facial features. Do you like elaborate looks? Therefore, favor curls set with feathers, or better yet, with colored stones. Make your choice according to the color of your clothes, your make-up and your accessories.

Choose your earrings: according to the color and nature of your hair

As a general rule, it is advisable to opt for models whose color contrasts with that of the hair. For those with dark hair, for example, models with bright colors are more appropriate. As far as hair quality is concerned, those with straight hair can opt for more discreet or more extravagant models. If, on the contrary, you have fairly dense hair, prefer XXL and fairly showy earrings.