What is a promise ring?

What is a promise ring?

Some jewelry is offered under special circumstances, such as the promise ring. It can symbolize an unfailing friendship, a budding love and can materialize a promise that one has made to oneself.

Promise ring: origins and meanings

The promise ring derives from the famous faith ring, or fede ring, an ancient piece of jewelry very fashionable in the Middle Ages symbolizing loving attachment. This jewel was then represented in the form of joined hands, hands of trust or mani in fede. This trend is still alive not only across the Atlantic, but also in Europe. Friends and young couples offer it to symbolize their friendship or their love.

Promise ring: for whom and when to offer it?

The promise ring is above all a proof of love. It symbolizes a budding love, without representing any commitment. This jewel is therefore a perfect gift to mark the first date or for Valentine's Day.

In some cases, the promise ring can instead be a sign of commitment. To make his marriage proposal, men opt for a promise ring, which then takes the name of pre-engagement ring, if they are not sure of their choice with regard to the engagement ring. They thus avoid disappointing the recipient. The couple later chooses the perfect engagement ring.

A promise ring can also be offered to a friend to materialize a deep friendship on a particular date, at Christmas or for their birthday. This jewel can also recall a promise you made to yourself.

Promise ring: how to wear and choose it?

This jewel is preferably worn on the right hand, on the ring finger or the middle finger, so as not to be confused with the wedding ring or even the engagement ring. It can also be used as a pendant mounted on a pretty chain.

Always to avoid any confusion, the promise ring is more sober than the engagement ring. It can be decorated with a stone to choose for example according to the astrological sign of the recipient. In terms of style, the ring can take up the mani in fede, adorned with the symbol of infinity, a heart. It can also bear different inscriptions such as a date or a message.