Which ring to choose for a PACS?

Which ring to choose for a PACS?

Wedding rings remain a strong symbol for a traditionally married or PACS couple. The Civil Solidarity Pact, despite its less formal character, indeed signifies the attachment of two people who can very well organize a ceremony with an exchange of rings on D-Day. But beyond the alliance, other Ring patterns also lend themselves to PACS.

PACS: say yes for the alliance

The wedding ring is undoubtedly the most emblematic of the jewels chosen to signify a union between two people. As a strong symbol of the sacrament of marriage, this traditional jewel has survived the centuries without ever taking a wrinkle. However, the context has changed over time. If in the 9th century , the ring was exclusively reserved for couples married in church, today it slips on the finger of the loved one, at the town hall, at home or elsewhere to simply evoke the love. The alliances are also modernized and display several contemporary styles and designs. They are encrusted with stones, shaped with interlocking mesh and can be engraved with the couple's initials.

And the engagement ring?

For many couples, PACS precedes marriage. While waiting for the event, the lovers consider the Civil Solidarity Pact as an engagement. In this promise of commitment, the choice of the ring remains an exciting and intense moment, especially since the catalogs are rich in models for all tastes and for all styles. Lovers of solitaire rings as well as lovers of more original jewelery find their happiness in designer jewellery.

Offbeat style rings are another symbol of love. Couples are also numerous to exchange models with very varied designs to symbolize the PACS. The very elaborate rings, for example, give character to all looks with varied patterns and multiple golden and silver shades.