Dream about a broken ring: meaning

Dream about a broken ring: meaning

The ring is generally associated with commitment, love and eternity. So when it breaks in your dreams, the symbolism can change. We can also interpret the dream in different ways depending on the nature of the ring.

Broken ring: if it is a wedding ring

The wedding ring symbolizes the commitment and union of two people. Her breaking up in your dream can mean a breakup or a divorce. Your couple may be going through a difficult period, which could lead to a separation. The meaning of the dream is the same if the broken ring is an engagement ring. This type of dream is not necessarily premonitory. It may simply be your unconscious expressing itself, in relation to the difficult situation in which you find yourself.


Broken ring: if it is a family ring

The ring can also symbolize belonging or a strong bond between two people. This is the case, for example, of the signet ring inherited from a grandfather or the university ring. When this type of ring breaks in one of your dreams, one can imagine that the circle of your relations could in the near future weaken, deteriorate and possibly break. You can thus see in this dream, a family problem or a concern in your relations with your friends from the university among others. Either way, difficulties are to be expected.


Broken ring: other possible meanings

Seeing a broken ring in your dreams is not necessarily a bad omen. When the ring is associated with power and psychological dominance, the dream can signify eventual liberation. You will eventually be able to free yourself from a contract that does not benefit you or from other forms of ties that imprison you. This interpretation is all the more valid if in the dream it is you yourself who break the ring.