Round face: which earrings to choose?

Round face: which earrings to choose?

Earrings have become an essential fashion accessory to magnify the face. However, to obtain the desired result, it is important to choose your pair carefully. Depending on their shape, the models can accentuate or, on the contrary, soften the striking features of the face. For women with round faces depending on the result they want, some earrings are more suitable than others. Discover the pairs that will go perfectly with the morphology of your round face.

Lengthen the round face with slender earrings

Round features and chubby cheeks can complex some women with rounded faces. Fortunately, it is possible to correct this effect by playing with particular models of earrings. In this case, you have to bet on the pendants. Indeed, they have the effect of lengthening the face. To obtain a more or less slender rendering, it is thus possible to play with the lengths. Models with angular shapes are also recommended to reduce the curves of the face.

Discreet models to dress round faces

If you want to highlight the curves of your face without exacerbating them, opt for discreet and delicate ear jewelry such as stud earrings. Chip-shaped models are perfect for dressing the face without emphasizing its round shape, so these jewels do not emphasize volume or length. In addition to studs, you can opt for a discreet pair, such as the Juliette earrings . Perfect compromise between discretion and fantasy, these small golden rings 1.7 cm in diameter will dress your face nicely without accentuating its curves. The natural stones that embellish these delicate jewels will bring a colourful, sparkling and refined touch to your look. These sparkling earrings come in three colors.

Earrings to accentuate the roundness of the face

Although slender earrings can stretch the features for a thinner face, voluminous models for their part can assert the curves of the face. These imposing earrings come in all shapes to suit all tastes. However, care must be taken to choose a pair made of a light material for more comfort. Hoops are also indicated for those who wish to accentuate the roundness of their face. It is possible to opt for the classic ring or on more elaborate models, with patterns, adorned with stones or pearls.