The bracelet, an essential fashion accessory

The bracelet, an essential fashion accessory

Like the ring, the necklace and the earrings, the bracelet has become an essential fashion accessory to magnify your look. This jewel endowed with an important symbolism is available in different models dedicated to dressing the wrists. It is not uncommon to find bracelets specially made to enhance the ankle. The bracelet can be worn alone, but to assert your style, you don't hesitate to accumulate different models on your wrist.

The symbolisms of the bracelet

In the Middle Ages, bracelets embellished with charms served as a talisman for protection. Other bracelets were offered to knights to signify their allegiance to a lord. Nowadays, this piece of jewelry can symbolize the bond that unites two people, making it a meaningful gift for any occasion. Lucky bracelet, friendship bracelets, many symbolisms gravitate around this fashion accessory. This is also the reason why the loss or breakage of a bracelet can be a sign of bad omen. But, a broken bracelet can also be an auspicious sign, it all depends on the interpretation. All these exciting beliefs make the bracelet a meaningful present that can be given to a loved one. But, it is not obligatory to wait for such a gift to adorn your wrist with it. Just choose the model you like to make it your favorite jewel.

How to choose your bracelet?

You can find a trendy bracelet to your liking among the many existing models. You can also assert your style with a model that suits you. The styles vary from the most classic to the most original, in gold or leather, adorned with charms or set with stones, the possibilities are endless. Model in bangle, chain or bracelet, you have the embarrassment of the choice to emphasize your wrist. If to change delicate models, you wish to opt for a more imposing piece, let yourself be seduced by a cuff, such as the Galuchat cuff bracelet . This sober model gilded with fine 24 carat gold is set with a natural stone in the middle. According to your desires, you can choose from a selection of 15 natural stones to adorn this cuff with sober lines. To accompany this model, you can choose from the other bracelets of the Nilaï collection or if you wish, it is possible to accumulate other pieces of the same model and match the color of the stones in this case.