Earrings, an incomparable jewel

Earrings, an incomparable jewel

A timeless fashion accessory, earrings have stood the test of time and are today the most worn jewel in the world. Creoles or pendants, ear studs or hooks, in precious or fancy metal, earrings come in a thousand and one models. It is therefore easy to get lost in your choice, but by taking certain criteria into account it is possible to find the pairs that will magnify your face and that perfectly match your look of the day.

The different models of earrings

Wearing earrings was once reserved for women of a high social class. Since then, times have changed. The jewel is democratized and everyone wears it, women and children. It even adorns the ear of some men. From classic to the most whimsical, in gold or silver, adorned with a precious or semi-precious stone, the models vary. In the shape of a chip, ball, or other sophisticated design, stud earrings are all-purpose jewelry that adapts to all styles. Discreet and light, these jewels are suitable for women as well as men and children. Among the more trendy models, dangling earrings are very popular with women. They come in a variety of shapes and can be adorned with cascades of stones. Creoles are a great classic. From the simplest to the most fanciful model, the refinement of these rings is timeless. Thus, it is possible to opt for large models, but also for mini-hoops, more delicate like those of the Cléa de Nilaï collection . These discreet rings adorned with a square, a medal, coral or pearl will know how to illuminate your face and reveal your femininity.

How to choose your earrings?

To be sure to wear the ideal pair, certain criteria must be taken into account, in particular the shape of the face. If the elongated models are perfectly suited to round faces, they will not highlight square faces for example. The hairstyle is another parameter to consider. Those who wear a short and mid-length cut can wear all models, without restriction. For those who have beautiful, long hair, it is best to opt for a fairly showy pair that will not blend into the hair. Also, some buckles may take some practice to put on. But there are still models with simple closing systems such as dormeuses. The choice of material is also important, while gold earrings bring radiance to the face, silver offers an elegant and refined touch while being sober. Earrings embellished with stones, pearls or coral are ideal for bringing a touch of colour, fantasy or, on the contrary, refinement to a look. Up to you !